Coquette Nouveau:
a new breed of romantic.

If one thing in my life is certain, its that it would be far less fulfilling without connection, intimacy, and good ol'-fashioned trysts behind closed doors. All flavors of experiences whet my whistle, and the Coquette Nouveau is one of my favorite ways to get acquainted. Let's have a drink, throw on a record and make our own music. 

Debauched Debutant:
sensual deviancy at its finest.

Are you looking for something more... off the beaten path? In the mood to test your limits and try something totally new? Perhaps you're a seasoned player and looking for a more sensual take on your favorite fetish or kinky past-time. As top or dominant, I'm far more cerebral, sensual, and 'heady'. Connection, romance and intimacy are ever-present in this experience, no matter the depths we reach. I require a 90 minute minimum for new friends interested in a Debauched encounter.

Whether I'm your Coquette or your debutant, my rates are the same. 
acquaintances made prior to june 2017 are locked in at my previous rates.

New Orleans, Nashville & Southeastern Cities:

1 Hour: $350 | 1.5 Hours: $500 |  2 Hours: $650

3 Hours: $800 | 4 Hours: $1000 | 5 Hours: $1200 

 Overnight: $1800

Chicago, NYC, DC, & East Coast:

Hour: $400 | 1.5 Hours: $550 |  2 Hours: $750

3 Hours: $950 | 4 Hours: $1250 | 5 Hours: $1500

Overnight: $2000

Couples Kindly add 50%. 

Please note, I require a cancellation fee of 30% on all touring appointments over 90 mins, if cancelled within 36 hours of our date.

If exploration of the culinary and historical type are also on your agenda, I'm your lady! The below options include lots of fun exploring NOLA,
along with time to explore one another.


Looking for a taste of New Orleans and Zoey? Lets grab some dinner at one of the many exceptional local restaurants, take a brief tour of local sights to see, check out the plentiful live music, cocktails, and finish off with some beignets at my place.
$2000 + expenses.

Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler

I'm an especially great tour guide of New Orleans, particularly if you're looking for something a little off the well traveled route. I can take you where the locals ACTUALLY hang out. (Hint: It's not Bourbon, and rarely is it Frenchman). This date requires a sense of spontaneity, flexibility, and is not for the faint of heart, but I guarantee you won't forget it! Includes dinner, drinks, live music & general galavanting, time behind closed doors and my tried and true hangover remedy in the morning ;). I'll do all the planning and you show up ready to see the New Orleans most don't get to.
$2200 + expenses

Points of interest:

  • Conversations concerning a Debauched Debutant experience are welcome to happen after screening is complete.
  • I see folks who are 18+ and do not discriminate based on gender, orientation, national origin, religion, or race. I am an equal-opportunity pervert. 
  • If you are unfamiliar with any of the terms I've used here, I suggest using Wikipedia and Urban Dictionary to give you a better idea. 
  • Fancy a duo, trio, or group gathering? I have plenty of playmates who would love to join us! See them here. 

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