There's nothing like someone who's got great manners.

In preparing for our time together:

There's something sexy about being prepared to spend time with me. Sending me an email or submitting my booking form with all the information I need in order to schedule our time together lets me now that your mama did indeed raise you well. Once we start getting down to the nitty gritty of our time together, please remember this: the best laid plans get discussed after you've been verified. Of course there's a certain intrigue that comes with meeting a stranger! However darlin' I couldn't possibly share my more... sensual self with someone who's name I don't know. I have no doubt you understand.

At first blush:

Having the door opened for you by a woman you've never met before certainly comes with a certain thrill, doesn't it? Please, don't forget! Before we get too busy messing up one another's hair, leave that boring ol' white, unmarked envelope somewhere I can easily see it. As cleanliness is indeed next to godliness, please come see me freshly showered or be ready to hop in the tub and scrub up.  A shower and full toiletries are always available for you. 

Post afterglow:

I'm fairly certain you'll have more than just a little fun while we're together. Should you want to let other folks know what a killer time we had together (how kind of you!), I'm happy to have reviews posted. I do like to know that you intend on writing one though, so please do let me know before you submit one.